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Bring the power of WPMU DEV to your WordPress dashboard

Install and update our plugins

Access WPMU DEV plugins in a simple-to-navigate environment. Dashboard gives you one-click installation, upgrades, and security updates for all our plugins.

One-click install & update Perform bulk actions View changelogs Turn on automatic updates

White label all of our plugins

Use the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin to completely white label and rebrand all of our plugins, removing any mention of WPMU DEV and replacing it with whatever you like.

Hero hider Replace plugin labels Insert custom logo Hide resources and documentation

Grant full expert support access

The WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin allows you to grant access to our expert support staff, so they can securely log into your site and diagnose and fix problems for you.

Resolve issues faster 100% secure, one-time access Time period of your choice Revoke access anytime


WPMU DEV Dashboard

WPMU DEV Dashboard

Site Management

Bring all the power of WPMU DEV to your WordPress dashboard.

Unlock better security, backups, performance optimization, one-click installations, automated updates and reports.

Plus, white label our plugins and give secure access to our 24/7 expert WordPress support team who will log in to your site and diagnose and fix your issues.

Update & manage WPMU DEV plugins One-click SSO White label plugins & admin Grant full expert support accessBONUS Free to install Manage sites with The Hub

Cancel any time, no lock in. 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Install and Update WPMU DEV Plugins

  • Install, update, and configure our pro plugins
  • Action in one click
  • Perform multiple actions in bulk
  • Get an overview of each plugin

Manage Sites With The Hub

  • Direct, one-click access to The Hub
  • Monitor updates, analytics, and reports
  • Skip login and enable SSO for all managed sites

Unbranded Analytics

  • Display relevant site analytics
  • Page views, visit time, entrances, bounce rate, and more
  • No third-party integration required
  • View from WordPress admin dashboard
  • Control who to show analytics to

White Label Plugins, Heroes, and Admin

  • Hide and replace WPMU DEV branding, heroes, and plugin labels
  • Insert custom logo
  • Hide documentation, tutorials, and “What’s New” modal

24/7 Expert Support Secure Site Access

  • Create private support tickets
  • Grant direct and secure WPMU DEV support access
  • Monitor system stack information

Access WPMU DEV Resources

  • Easy and direct access from WPMU DEV Dashboard
  • WPMU DEV documentation
  • Member’s forum and community access
  • The WPMU DEV blog
  • WPMU DEV product roadmap

Advanced Tools

  • Enable Single Sign-on (SSO) for Hub and hosting sites
  • Enable automatic plugin updates
  • Control who sees the WPMU DEV Dashboard in WP
  • Translate all WPMU DEV plugins
  • Regular and automatic updates of translations


All Pro Plugins

All single plugins come with complete access to our Pro Plugins, Full Hub access and all of our services at no extra cost.

Defender Pro
Smush Pro
Hummingbird Pro
Hustle Pro
Forminator Pro
SmartCrawl Pro
Branda Pro
Integrated Video
Shipper Pro
Beehive Pro
Snapshot Pro

Full Hub access

Run Automated Updates, configs, performance, uptime, analytics, reports, support, client billing and white labeling management from one command center.

The WPMU DEV Full Membership gives you all the features to work like a pro. Learn more

All Features

One-click installations

Hub and Hosting Single Sign-On (SSO)

Unbranded analytics

Dashboard plugin browse and install

Simply login to setup

Instant Google account login

One-click updates

Enable automatic WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin updates

Dashboard widget quick links

New release notifications

Update notifications

Hide/Remove WPMU DEV hero branding

Background updates

Hide notifications

Limit to Multisite Super Admin

Built-in conflict avoidance

Participate in WPMU DEV community

Access forum search

Grant temporary access to support staff

Direct links to usage instructions

Installed plugin version information

Post support questions

System information quick view

PHP configuration information

MySQL information

Server information

White label plugin titles and icons

Translate all of our pro plugins

Currently available in 12 languages.

Recommended by WordPress web developers

WordPress web developers from all over the world prefer WPMU DEV, with an average rating of 4.9/5, over 5,000 five-star reviews, and winners of thirteen G2 best product awards.

Web Developers Choice

The number one choice of WordPress web developers

Smush image optimization plugin

Back-to-back Torque Plugin Madness winners


WPMU DEV Dashboard

Can I manage my sites directly from The WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin?

No, but think of it as the gateway to our actual site manager, The Hub, which allows you to manage, update, backup, and optimize as many sites as you want. Our Dashboard plugin is also responsible for many other life-saving features, like: allowing you to update and install our pro plugins, white-label those same plugins (hide heroes and plugin labeling) in one fell swoop, and quickly logging into all your connected Hub sites with SSO (Single Sign-on).

Trial & Membership

Why do I need to add a credit card for the free trial? What if I forget to cancel?

First of all, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’re covered in that respect. If you’re loving the service and want to stick around after the trial, we’ll use the card you have on file for payment processing… you wouldn’t want to lose the services after all.

But equally, if you want to cancel at any time then just visit ‘My Account’ – it’s super easy.

If it renews and you intended to cancel, no problem! We totally understand. Just contact us within 30 days of your first payment and we will provide a refund, no questions asked – except we’ll likely ask how we can improve to keep you around next time. ;)

How do I know which WPMU DEV plan is right for me?

We offer a number of different membership plans catering to businesses and freelancers of all levels. The best course of action would be to check out our pricing page. Here you’ll find a breakdown of each plan, what features and add-ons are included, how many sites you can connect, limitations versus other plans, and more. Our helpful sales team will also be on hand to assist you if you have any questions or if you’re having trouble deciding.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely, if you're not happy at all in any way we’ll refund your most recent payment absolutely no questions asked (well, ok we will ask you how we can improve or if we did anything wrong so we can get better, but you are absolutely free to leave without an explanation and we’ll refund you the lot!)

Have more questions?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions!


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