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Disaster-Proof Hosting Backups

A world-beating backup system featuring off-site storage that protects your backups in the worst data-center-destruction scenarios.

  • Fully Automated
  • Secure Off-Site Storage
  • Fast One-Click Restore
  • 30-Day Backups
  • No Extra Storage Charges
  • Included in Every Hosting Plan

Built to last.

Redundant AWS/S3 backups stored across multiple devices and facilities, plus an advanced API tracking system that helps protect your backups (without you even noticing).

The latest in advanced file system tech.

Server-based backups built from the ground up to be reliable, space-efficient, and secure.

Instant and space-efficient incremental backups.
Encrypted and remotely stored across multiple locations.
Fast one-click restore and export.
Create unlimited backups, kept for 30 days.
Automatic nightly backups, or back up manually anytime.
Single and Multisite backups.
Add comments to backups for your reference.
Easily manage and back up from The Hub.
All inclusive, no extra backup storage charges.

Fully automated & space-efficient.

Our backups use an efficient file system that allows you to create space-saving incremental backups with no load or downtime.

Secure off-site storage.

Along with on-site storage, off-site backups are stored and encrypted redundantly across multiple secure locations by AWS.

So if our data centers are ever compromised (knock on wood!), your backups remain fully accessible.

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Manually backup and restore with a click.

Instantly create manual backups anytime via The Hub or WP CLI. Rest API Coming Soon

Restores are also lightning-fast as we don’t need to unzip files or import databases.

Label important backups.

Need to identify important backups or milestones fast? You can add notes to any backup (manual or automatic) to refer back to.

Automatic backup triggers.

To help limit the manual backups required, automatic backups are also set to trigger at these important stages:

When a staging site is pushed to production.
When a new primary domain is selected.
Prior to Automate theme, plugin, and core updates.
When reverting a live site to a default WP install.
When converting to a Multisite installation.
Upon actioning a new FTP migration.

Call Snapshot and Automate for extra backup.

Enable Automate to create a new backup before every theme, plugin, or core update.

Snapshot Pro supports various third-party storage providers (Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP) and can be used alongside your hosting backups for extra protection.

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