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WPMU DEV Compared

Which hosting platform is right for you?

“WPMU DEV is the PERFECT choice and wins at EVERYTHING!”

That pretty much sums up almost every other comparison page in existence. Not that there’s anything wrong with some positively-spun marketing (providing it’s legal of course).

It’s just that, in our opinion, there’s ZERO benefit in swaying comparisons in our favor, or leaving out important information. It doesn’t help us improve our hosting - and it certainly doesn’t help you pick the best offering for your needs.

Fluff-free, results-based, research-driven comparisons.

That’s what we set out to deliver on this page and the pages that follow. On that note, we hope you enjoy and get some valuable insights from this honest take on how WPMU DEV Hosting compares with the rest.

Here’s what happened when one of our experts performance-tested each hosting platform.

For these tests, we used two different performance testing tools:


A load testing service that allows you to stress test your web-apps and APIs with thousands of concurrent connections. Find out more

KeyCDN's performance testing tool

This tool measures the performance of any URL from 10 different locations around the world. We used this to test TTFB. Find out more

As of October 2021. Based on starting plans for each platform.
Hosting Platform
Max Parallel Clients
TTFB Average
(All Locations)
TTFB Average
512.65 ms
24.65 ms
585.82 ms
126.62 ms
181.40 ms
15.52 ms
381.96 ms
13.79 ms
1.12 s
729.96 ms
789.90 ms
308.11 ms
827.26 ms
69.56 ms
417.59 ms
118.21 ms
*Result before the rate limit exceeded.

Go behind the scenes and (ethically) steal our testing methodology.

Max Parallel Users? Average TTFB? Geo-optimized TTFB?! What does it all mean? Get a behind-the-scenes, step-by-step look at our exact hosting performance testing methodology.

See how we tested

WPMU DEV and the rest

WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the larger and better known WordPress-only hosts out there. The technology is solid, as is the focus and support of WordPress, and it has significant investment and expertise.

How we compare with WP Engine


If you’re looking to manage a bunch of sites, across multiple hosts, in one place, compare the GoDaddy and WPMU DEV all-in-one hosting platforms.

How we compare with GoDaddy


Flywheel is also owned by WP Engine but provides a different set of services. See how WPMU DEV measures up.

How we compare with Flywheel


If you are looking for a quality host focused on simplicity and control, see how SiteGround and WPMU DEV stack up.

How we compare with SiteGround


Kinsta is regarded by many as a quality hosting provider with premium resources. See how it compares to WPMU DEV when it comes to features, cost, and performance.

How we compare with Kinsta


If you are looking for affordable hosting focused on simplicity, see how Bluehost and WPMU DEV compare.

How we compare with Bluehost


HostGator’s platform is made to be simple and offers a number of useful features for beginner and advanced users alike. See how it fares against the performance and simplicity of WPMU DEV.

How we compare with HostGator


Cloudways leverages powerful servers, allowing the platform to provide easy-to-use hosting that delivers on simplicity and performance. See how it measures up to WPMU DEV’s similar offering.

How we compare with Cloudways

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