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Monitoring site uptime has never been easier

Track your site's uptime and performance, receive immediate downtime updates, and get back online, and fast, ASAP.

Track from one dashboard

Get to the heart of your data with clear and concise overviews.

Instant downtime alerts

Minimize downtime and get back online fast.

Slow speed alerts

We’ll alert you immediately if a site is taking 30+ seconds to load.

Customize your live data

Adjust all insights and timeframes to suit your preferences.

Get back online ASAP

24/7 live support is always on hand to help with downtime issues.

Free with The Hub

Optimize your sites with Monitor and a range of other premium WPMU DEV tools.

Recent site up / downtime

Get a crystal-clear overview of your site’s uptime from one central dashboard. View data from the last 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days - and refresh at any time.

Response time and performance

A slow site that frustrates visitors can cost you as much as one that is down.

Monitor accurately measures the responsiveness of your web server (TTFB) so you can check that your sites are fast. You’ll also receive an email alert if a site takes 30+ seconds to load.

Instant downtime alerts

The last thing you want is a site going down without you realizing (or your client finding out first!).

Protect your rep and save your clients losing business with instant alerts sent to an inbox of your choice.

However, not all downtime is cause for concern. Set a threshold time to indicate when Monitor should alert you - Instantly, or after 5, 10, or 30 minutes.

Save uptime settings as one click configs

Want to give sites more (or less) downtime allowance than others? Save your uptime notification settings as configs and quickly apply them in bulk, or to specific sites.

Up / downtime alert logs

Find out the exact minute a site went down. Monitor’s alert log records every check, when the check was run, downtime, and duration of uptime.

Get back online ASAP with 24/7 live support

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