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Access to $4/month hosting ($3.60 with pre-pay)

Access to AU$6/month hosting (AU$5.40 with pre-pay)

Access to ₹320/month hosting (₹288 with pre-pay)

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Dedicated and managed WordPress hosting that’s engineered (and priced) for resellers. Available in the USA, Netherlands, Germany & Singapore.

Standard Dedicated Server

20 shared sites


20 Quantum sites

Migrating 20 sites to Quantum is easy... we’ll do it for you, for free!

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Faster & Smarter

All the benefits of dedicated and compartmentalized hosting with none of the cost

Dedicated per site resources

Nothing shared about Quantum, every site has it’s own dedicated resources

You’ve got email

Quantum comes with an email address included, no extra cost

Works with every theme & builder

Optimized to allow for every theme, theme builder and framework

Unique IP address

Each Quantum site has it’s own unique IP address, no more sharing one for 20 sites

5 global locations

Set up your site in any one of five different global locations for speed and SEO

Comprehensive hosting features

Backups, logs, brute force protection, static cache, PHP 8.0, analytics & more

Unlimited & uncapped visits

Configured to support 10,000 monthly views with no fixed limits

10GB storage & 500GB bandwidth

Every site comes with 10GB of storage and 500GB of bandwidth

Save with pre-pay

Pre-pay for your Quantum sites and they’ll cost you only $3.60 per month

Quantum is built to be light, fast and work with any WordPress theme and theme builder. Perfect for straightforward sites which don’t require complex staging environments1, don’t need to run WooCommerce2 and aren’t expected to need 87 plugins3.

  1. Standard WPMU DEV hosting features not included in Quantum: SSH, WAF, Multisite, File Manager, Object cache, New Relic monitoring, Blackfire Profiler, Reset WP, Analytics > Live stats (Netdata), Staging, Templates, SFTP, Database | phpMyAdmin, Hourly backups.
  2. Quantum is not suitable for WooCommerce sites.
  3. Excluding WooCommerce, Quantum is compatible with 40-50 of the most popular WordPress plugins and we will add further plugins upon review of performance impact. View supported plugins
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