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Rob Ryan 5: Stars

Legends all round, great plugins and support, well able to help with all kinds of problems, highly recommend the service.

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Whether you’ve got a simple CSS issue with your website or you’re trying to set up a plugin at 3 o’clock in the morning and it keeps throwing up errors, our support team is standing by on live chat, the forums and email.

Help for absolutely any WordPress issue

We don’t just support WPMU DEV products – our friendly support team is ready to help you with any WordPress-related problem.

We will *literally* log in and fix on-site problems for you!!!

With our Dashboard plugin, you can give our support team access to help you diagnose and fix problems directly on your site. It really is like having your own expert WordPress team.

Comprehensive documentation

Learn how to use our products and WordPress itself using our detailed and easy-to-follow guides and how-to articles.

White label video tutorials

Help educate your clients with our 40+ white label WordPress training videos, which you can embed directly in the WordPress admin of their site. Always updated, always useful.


Keith Charlie Taylor Star, Star, Star, Star, Star,
Responses are always fast and...

Responses are always fast and invariably accurate. Occasional follow-ups are inevitable but they are always handled well. Very rarely more complex issues can take longer. But they stick with it until it's resolved.

Agnieszka Burnett 5: Stars

I've been using Wordpress Support for a few months now, and the online chat support is more than worth the monthly payment. They helped me fix a multitude of issues/questions with my theme and site that would have taken me hours if not days to figure out how to do on my own. I use the chat quite regularly, and today I had the pleasure of speaking with Nahid, who was absolutely fantastic. He over delivered in customer service and friendliness, he's been my favorite support person thus far! Thanks Nahid!

Dan Jenkins Star, Star, Star, Star, Star,
Great products and great support

Great products and great support. The person i spoke too, Jorge, was very helpful and understanding. Good company. Recommended.

Ken Kroohs 5: Stars

I had asked on several community forums how to do something and got no help at all. Ten minutes on line with them, it is working!!! And that includes several minutes because I goofed on some very simple things. I was especially impressed he worked at my level of expertise (low) Thanks Rupok!!

Lifespark Weekly Star, Star, Star, Star, Star,
I consistently get amazing service from WPMU DEV

I consistently get amazing service from WPMU DEV... any time of the day or night! They have helped fix all of my problems big and small on my site... even small css help. Today, Rupok Chowdhury helped me with setting up Hummingbird, but also helped me understand the difference between two CDN products. Thanks to the WPMU DEV. I really feel that they are part of my business' overall team!

Eric Johnson 5: Stars

I have been using WPMU for several years. Their products are great and their support is the best!

Paul Edgar Grimes Star, Star, Star, Star, Star,
Even contactable on a Sunday afternoon

Even contactable on a Sunday afternoon, very impressed with their service.

Wolf Mandraagora 5: Stars

WPMU DEV is amazing. I am never disappointed with their support and their products truly make my life, and running my business a million times easier! Thank you!

Carly Green Star, Star, Star, Star, Star,
So worth the money

Saved me hours of googling and finding false information. super quick and really helpful. Worth paying for the membership just for the support aspects.

Russ Moran 5: Stars

I just had my first 'live chat' with WPMU, a guy named Kris Tomczyk (hope I spelled his name right.) I couldn't have been more impressed. I'm on a free trial, but I will definitely be signing up for the regular program. Top notch.

Rob Frost Star, Star, Star, Star, Star,
Great Company. Fantastic service!

I have been with WPMU for a few months now and they have helped me with endless problems. There are many facets of their service each one alone is worth the monthly subscription. I can not say enough good things about this company.

Trevor Current 5: Stars

These guys really know their stuff! Aside from their quality plugins and themes, their support is awesome. They go way beyond just helping with their own products. They have such great knowledge and have helped me on many occasions brainstorm ideas on how to accomplish different tasks. Totally worth investing in WPMU DEV!

Michelle Leslie Star, Star, Star, Star, Star,
The technical side of blogging has...

The technical side of blogging has always confused the crap out of me. I couldn't be happier with the support and guidance I've received from WPMU DEV and their awesome team on chat. I always ask the dumbest questions and they have never made me feel like an idiot. In fact they are super helpful and do all that nasty, behind the scenes technical hard work for me. So, so happy that I decided to pay a small amount every month to have them as my backup.

Rob Jephcote 5: Stars

I cannot speak more highly about the support service that I received, another plugin was causing some issues and Rupok Chowdhury went above and beyond to assist in helping to resolve the issue. I cannot recommend their plugins or praise their support highly enough.

Thomas Whittaker Star, Star, Star, Star, Star,
WPMU DEV - My personal Alexa

These guys are like my personal Alexa, just ask and i get quick and fast response. Thanks NAHID for helping me out with the array issue. Keep up the awesomenesssssss.

Fabio Fava 5: Stars

WPMU DEV is a one-of-a-kind service. Those guys are not only developing (and keeping up-to-date) some of the best WordPress plugins available, but they also offer a very special Support System, with an eager to help staff. They’ve helped me to solve nearly 100% of my WordPress issues, even when the problem isn’t with any WPMU DEV service or plugin. They just rock! Cheers!

Aubrey Wood Star, Star, Star, Star, Star,
I love the plugins provided by WPMU...

I love the plugins provided by WPMU DEV. But there support is absolutely incredible. They've been able to help me with Wordpress issues when no one else could. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Emily Waller Knott 5: Stars

WPMU DEV gets a 5 star rating first and foremost for its incredible support. I have never experienced support as good as what WPMU DEV provides. They help me with literally everything on my site even if it ends up not being directly related to one of their products. Further their products are amazing and there is virtually something for everything I need for 1 low monthly price. Seriously, try them out, they are the best out there!!! Rupok Chowdhury is a fantastic example of their tremendous support! Thank you!


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